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edieval Feast

Seat your guests at a round table. A patio table might work if your regular tables aren't round, or you can rent one for the party form a local party rental store.


Traditional (authentic, or close to authentic) Fare

Try seting the table with trenchers (pita bread rounds, or thickly sliced loaf bread), which were used before the use of plates became widespresd, and provide only a dull, blunt butter knife for cutlery to make it more authentic.

Our buffet suggestions:
corn on the cob (ok, not so authentic, but we're going to pretend the Vikings brought some back with them)
whole loaves of a variety of home-sliced breads
hard cheeses
chicken and/or turkey legs
Ale, wine, beer (ginger ale, grape juice, root beer)

Creative Choices for Choosey Children

For younger kids, try adapting their tried and true favourites and give them creative medieval names: Round Table Pizza
King's Gold (chicken nuggets)

"Kings's Dinner" aka "Kraft Dinner", or try mom's mac and cheese recipe)
Fruit Swords
Make fruit swords by skewering fruit chunks (strawberry, melon, grapes, pineapple etc.) and serve by poking the ends of the skewers into a large round loaf of bread (or a melon if you prefer).
If you're feeling fancy, make a sword handle by first putting on fruit piece on the skewer, then skewer one end of a strip of fruit leather; add two or three more pieces of fruit then skewer the other end of the fruit leather to make the leather into a loop or handle. Continue adding fruit pieces as desired.

Royal Jewels
For Royal Jewels: Make multi-coloured flavoured gelatine or agar cubes; prepare it using 2/3 of the recommended water, set as directed and cut into diamond or cube shapes. Repeat for several flavours/colours as desired. Serve in a large clear bowl or goblet.


dragon cakeYou can try a dragon cake like we did one year. Ours was made from vegan chocolate cake and rice cereal squares formed to the shape of the head and tail. The scales were cut from a rolled sheet of candy clay with the end of an apple corer. As you can see, it was a fancy 3-d dragon complete with curly candle "fire" and dry-ice "smoke". There were also red wings made from fruit roll-ups formed around bendy straws which did not make it into the pictures.The dry ice was in a chamber we made beneath the homemade cake platter, and rose through bendy-straws that were embedded in the head of the dragon by forming the rice cereal mixture around the straws.
Full instructions with photos can be seen here.

Make a sword in the stone cake by baking a large "lumpy" hemisphere-shaped cake (try baking it in a large oven-safe mixing bowl), ice it in shades of grey, and insert a clean toy sword. See my cave cake for icing suggestions.

There are also many variations of castle cakes available on the internet.

Our Castle Cake:

This is a two-layer square cake (we used an 8" pan, but any size will work) with four towers: two shorter in front that have flat cones with wide tops and two taller ones at the back with inverted sugar "pointy" cones. The towers are made from pound cakes trimmed to shape. The main cake was a black forest cake, but any cake recipe that can take icing should work.

The entire cake was coated with a thin layer of apricot fruit spread, then iced with a light grey poured fondant icing. Once set, we lightly traced mortar lines on with a toothpick dipped in water, and "painted" with diluted food colouring a few odd bricks here and there.

We made a cookie drawbridge on the front, banners and flags from paper and toothpicks, light grey cream icing with brick texture drawn on with toothpicks or similar; cube shaped candy to form turrets; two front windows with a portcullis trim made from black licorice strings.

The cake board can be iced with a blue moat and green cake sprinkle grass. Add a few iced cone trees and a toy dragon or knight to enhance the effect.

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